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While we've treated thousands of patients over the years, here is what 18 have said about Palmercare.

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I can't say enough about this company! They offer you a World Class A-Team (staff and Doctors) from the moment you step inside the office until you leave. Professional yet, treats you like family. I recommend this place and all the other Palmercare offices to all of my friends, family and even strangers!

My previous review for this business was for the acupuncturist. After several sessions was was convinced by the way she talked about the chiropractor and how he cares for patients; she offered me a free battery of tests and I accepted. My family and I still thankful. I can't say enough good things about the service. Clearly they have a system for taking care of patients and communicating within the office, and it shows when things are clicking. The Dr and staff manners are excellent and you feel that they all truly care about your experience. Best of all, for my family, is the office atmosphere with children. My wife and I, both patients, have been bringing our 2yo daughter since she was a year old. We regularly see children of every age in the office, there is a little nook with books and toys for small children. Our daughter enjoys our trips as she gets to see the fish tank and has come to recognize the staff and Dr.

It's pretty great. I was having headaches and some stiffness every once in a while. Now I'm doing much better. The doctor educates you on your status and the correction that's needed. Don't be afraid of the word subluxation. It just means you're messed up. I'm trying to get my wife to come here, but she's not much for changes. Dr. Nic is a pretty swell guy. His associates get the job done swimmingly as well. Only recommendation.. Mimosa's for morning appointments.

I've been to multiple chiropractors and Dr Nic is by far the best. I kept having hamstring injuries a few years ago, did physical therapy treatment, and I would continue to re-injure my hamstring. When I started seeing Dr Nic all these troubles went away and I've been pain free. Definitely recommend!

I had a massage today at the Fairfax City Location on Plaza Drive. The masseuse, Michael, was excellent. I needed a deep tissue massage and she got the job done. One of the best massages I have had in a very long time.

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